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Dor By Raj Furnique has a large and diverse selection of wooden and iron handicrafts. We are a Jodhpur-based company that offers an extensive choice of ethnic and contemporary products to fit practically any taste.We provide our consumers all over the globe with the highest quality Indian creative handicrafts, furniture, and ornamental antiquities

Our manufactory design and works with handmade


Our mission is to manufacture and supply more eccentric products and to provide a platform to the rural artisan.


International presence, Customisation & B2B also B2C. In the next five years, we want to make and supply more unique products, as well as provide a forum for all of our rural craftsmen to showcase their skills and earn a living. Increase our international presence while minimising or eliminating environmental damage.


Our vision is to bridge the gap between Indian artisans and the rest of the world by delivering unique and environmental friendly handicraft products.


Manufacturing process

Quality of the Wood

We utilise SHEESHAM wood that has been seasoned and chemically treated. Other wood species, such as MANGO, ACACIA, and 100% TEAK, can be utilised if desired by the buyer. The original quality wood is still at the heart of generating the best personalities in furniture. These are re-plantation woods that are grown for specific reasons and thus are not harmful to the environment. We carve a traditional line of wooden furniture from the king of woods like:
1. Sheesham, the most preferred hardwood for robust and long-lasting furniture.
2.Kikar (Acacia) is a cost-effective alternative to (shesham).
3.Mango is a fruit that is commonly used in the production of painted and decorated items.

mango wood


Manufacturing process


It's tough, dependable, seaworthy, and completely waterproof. Our customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark are delighted with the packing. A 150 gsm corrugated sheet is used to cover an item, which is then followed by Polyurethane Foam. The air-bubble sheet is the third layer. Additional corners (7 mm thickness) safeguard the corners, ensuring damage-free transit. Then a plastic strip is used to fix it. The package is now ready to be stuffed into the container.

Custom Furniture

Got your own designs? Mail us and we will help you out manufacture your perfect design.

Bulk orders

We also take bulk orders. Choose the products and mail us the list with all the neccessary details.

What We Offer

Made to Order

Be it customization or bulk orders, we got your back!